Holy Week at St James'


Day  Time Event  Location

Palm Sunday
14 Apr 2018 

 8 am Holy Communion St James'
9.15 am Shared breakfast St James'
10.30 am  Combined Service: Sung Holy Communion  St Michael's
17 Apr 2018
9.30 am  Holy Communion  St James' 

Maundy Thursday
18 Apr 2018 

6 pm  Passover Supper
(Please sign list in either church) 
St Michael's 
8 pm Holy Communion (followed by Watch) St Michael's
Good Friday
19 Apr 2018  
11.30 am  United Walk of Witness Starting from The Point Lighthouse
12 noon United Service The Triangle
2 pm An hour before the Cross  St James
Easter Sunday
21 Apr 2018   
7 am Sunrise Service Haldon Moor
 8 am Holy Communion St James' 
10.30 am Holy Communion St James'
6.30 am Haldon Team Easter Evensong St John's, Luton