St James' Open for Public Worship

St James’ has reopened for public worship. Under COVID-19 Tier 2 restrictions this means that "any person attending is:

  • alone or
  • part of group all from the same household or
  • from two linked households or
  • part of group all from the same linked Christmas households (23 – 27 December only)

and must not join any other group or mingle with any person from another group.

Non-household groups of 6 are not permitted."

The pattern of weekly services is shown below.


Worshippers should:

  • Wear a face covering whist within the church building
  • Sanitise their hands on arrival and departure
  • Record their name and address in case it is required for Track & Trace
  • Sit in a designated place within the building as directed by signage
  • Use the contactless device for their offerings where possible, or place them in the box provided


Worship will be different from what worshippers may be used to, but more details can be found on the Haldon Team website at


Services at St James' Teignmouth:

  • First Sunday 10.30am Morning Worship
  • Second Sunday 10.30am Holy Communion
  • Third Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion
  • Fourth Sunday 10.30am Holy Communion
  • Fifth Sunday 10.30am Holy Communion