Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, St James' church building is currently closed. 

In the these unsettling times please do continue to join us in prayer from wherever you are. Please see the Haldon Mission Community website for the latest information, resources to use, online services and the plans to re-open churches across the Haldon Mission Community.


St James' Parish Church

For nine centuries, St James' Parish Church has sat at the heart of West Teignmouth.

For nine centuries the people of West Teignmouth have gathered in the church to celebrate their weddings and the births of their children. They have gathered to mourn their loved ones and to remember those who were lost at sea or whose final resting place is in a foreign field. For nine centuries the people of West Teignmouth have gathered in St James’ to share and join together in  their worship.

Today, in the 21st century, and even in this time of global pandemic, St James' still stands as a constant reminder of our shared Christian heritage. We share in our worship; we share in the pain of bereavement and; we look forward to sharing the celebrations of love in marriage and of new birth.

Today, St James’ is still a place of stillness and calm in the busyness and uncertainty of life.

Today, St James’ remains a Christian presence at the heart of West Teignmouth, and we welcome you...